Hello world!

April 5, 2019 - About

At the beginning there was… “Hello world”.

It just made me realize that my first “Hello world! ” has happened about 30 years ago and as for many kids in that era of late 80’s in still regime ruled Poland, it has to be typed on the one and only ZX Spectrum, in one and only BASIC.

The rubber feel of the keys…

Veteran’s tales :).

Now, I have been messing with some PC more or less professionally for a good couple of years and as it has turned out I can do things without breaking to many things, and moreover get paid for doing it. So far so good.

But, down to the business…

Couple years ago I had this luck to meet one and only Marcus Lyall, who introduced me to the world of many many interesting things, which lead me to other things, which I may mention at a later point. The most important thing was the Catalyst. At the time and even later I had not much time to play with it, but definitely will get back to it at some point.
Never the less, the world of stage lighting appeared to me and I thought I would like to do something that people might find useful.
Catalyst being Catalyst is a Borg style entity and can incorporate anything that moves, talks and see, but needs usually a lot of DVI/HDMI Ethernet cabling. But, the heart of it all and the source of joy is… DMX. At the time I was working at cool components and had hands on 100s of cool components, very inspiring environment, as you can see.

Adding 2 + 2, I came to the idea of the poor man’s Gobo. Took me well more then a year to put this together in between many many other more absorbing operations, but finally just yesterday finalized the proof of concept setup which you are going to get your hands on soon, and hopefully use it, and push it to another level.

More details about what this is meant to be about in the next post, as now it is time to have some sleep before last day of working week fights with virtualisation and networking…
Good night.

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